8 Jan 2012 at 04:58
Hey, I'm sorry but I am not interested in anyone who won't share her/his photos with anyone but a choice few. It seems to me we are all here to meet strangers and if you are too timid to share your photo you are somehow or other in the wrong spot. Maybe you should try "Jesus is my"

Nudity is all about exposing the skin. Nudists expect to see photographs of the exposed skin. Photographs of people are photographs of their skin. Seems that if you won't show a picture you are a long way from showing your skin. Gee, it is not all that terrible!

We who are gloriously naked salute you - with a risen middle finger.
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17 Nov 2014 at 02:03
I understand what you are telling me and still think itis very wayto express our feeling about ourselves .