Nude Cruise

Nude Cruise


12 Aug 2012 at 07:09
A buddy's GF has dropped out and I've just been offered to room mate/split room & expenses on this trip (leaving Ft Lauderdale & heading to Panama in Feb of 2013.. has anyone been on this type of cruise and has any tips/pros & cons etc


3 Sep 2012 at 07:17
Labor Day 2012 Greetings, San Diego "exbrit:"

There are MANY seasoned textile/nude cruise people on this website.
However, my experiences are relatively new and limited.

AUGUST 2012 AANR member: Soul of the Caribbean Sailing Company.

Another SN from Ohio and I flew seperately from our home states to St Thomas directly on American Airlines.
We sailed for 7 days in the British/USA Virgin Islands with 2 American nude crew, who pampered us like royalty.
Unfortunately the other 2 couples were "no show" on this chartered catamaran, the Caribbean Soul.

HALLOWEEN 2011 AANR member:
Bare Necessities Tour & Travel Company (BNTT)

Amtraked from Sacramento, CA to meet a Las Vegas SN companion to fly together on Southwest directly to Orlando, rented a car to visit textile relatives and stay at "The Cove" for a week before the nude bash to Half Moon Cay and Grand Turk.
Three bus loads of nudists rode from Kississimmee to Fort Lauderdale to board Carnival Miracle's "FantaSea Fest 2" together.

After the 2500 nude passenger cruise, stayed at "The Cove" and Paradise Lakes, visited Lake Como, Caliente, Haulover Beach, and rainy Key West for their "Fantasy Fest" in another week.

July-Christmas 2005
In a month of training, was USCG certified in Piney Point, MD to work a 6 month contract on Norwegian Cruise Lines America (NCLA) textile 7 day Hawaiian cruise around the Islands.
American ships are rare, foreign flags are plentiful.
We had 2500 passengers on The Pride of America with 850 rotating American crew members all year long.

Hope this helps you decide.
It's a great opportunity to cruise AND even better to do it with like minded folks nude; eg: 4 nudists on a catamaran sailing boat or 2500 naked people on a ship.
For more details, please phone me since you have my number from previous SN messages.

Northern CA bare buns "Bunnie"
"Sun Singles" commuter member @ Glen Eden Sun Club


30 Oct 2012 at 03:36
Hi Bunnie Sanseei, u gonna B around Naples, 4 Turkey Day??? hope we meetup again, hugs,

H al
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15 Sep 2013 at 12:19
The Bare Necessities cruises are great and lots of fun. I enjoy the cruise to Fantesy fest! You will have a great time!


29 Sep 2013 at 12:28
Hi all, going on the nude cruise 2014 on the Neuiw Amzterdam with Bare necessites group!
Anyone else going? Wing