NudeTigger: Quote: Spiritual Maturity

Quote: Spiritual Maturity

11 Feb 2011 at 09:03
Spiritual maturity is a lifelong process of replacing lies with truth.


  • Deleted Member
    24 Feb 2011 at 09:52
    that is a very good observation. at my age i seem to be taking stock of my decisions i have made in life and the first series of lies are which decisions were good and others not good. i seem to be happier with life knowing, for the most part, i made good decisions that were for the benefit of others. but there are a few bonehead decisions that even to this day have me stratching my head.
  • 24 May 2011 at 09:53
    Interesting to me that there has been only one comment since this was posted in Feb 2011. Is the thought of anything "spiritual" all too intimidating in the nudist/naturalist (do the two words mean anything different?) realm? ... too scary to commit to maturing through a lifelong process? There is truth in nudity.

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