Photos on Nudist Sites

18 Aug 2012 at 08:27
So I saw a post on the forums that some guy was ranting about not seeing nude photos on a nudist site. I kind of have to agree. I have a few photos posted. Granted they are all self pics because I tend to be nude alone. (that's a topic for another blog)

Now I understand nudist women don't want guys leering at them in the nude in real life. Anyone staring at anyone makes just about anyone uncomfortable. But here on the internet why would it matter if some guy is on here just to peek at your photos? The whole philosophy about nudism is being comfortable in your skin. Now i'm not saying the men on this site are here for that, in fact most of us aren't. There is always going to be that select few though that leave a bad taste.

So here's my thoughts on it. If you aren't comfortable enough in your skin to post a nude photo or two on the internet, how are you going to be comfortable in a social nudist environment? I am not saying they have to done like one of mine is. Joyfulgirl has a few nude photos posted, but she doesn't really show anything that some could make naughty. You can tell she is clearly nude, but she doesn't show her breasts or pubic region. So therefore I have no doubts she enjoys being nude, socially or otherwise.

Just curious why all the women on this site can't do that?


  • 14 Apr 2013 at 06:38
    I am comfortable putting up the pictures I want to show of myself. the pictures are supposed to be an introduction. if there is a spark of interest and conversation, additional pictures can be traded at a future date. I see no issue with putting up modest pictures. If I were a female, I would be leery of putting up pictures that I am uncomfortable showing to the world.

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