When I Became A Nudist

28 Sep 2014 at 16:01
I am not sure when I knew I was a nudist. I believe it happen over time. Ever since I was a small child, I loved to be naked. I was always getting in trouble for not wearing clothes in and around, even outside the house. When I went to bed at night, I would pull off my PJ's and sleep in the buff. I just loved that feeling of being free of clothing. As I got older, I hated the thought of wearing clothes, but was taught it was wrong to be naked other than taking a shower, so up into my adult years I learned that clothes must be worn. However, the thought and fact that still remained locked deep inside was someday, I would be able to be myself and only dress when I had too. About five years ago working on 3rd shift, the person working with me was moved to a different shift and I was left to work alone each night. Since I work at a school as a custodian I knew the time frame of when there would be no one who would enter the building. So taking the risk, I would shed my clothes and work naked for the most part of the night and enjoying every moment of it. Transfered from the middle school to the high school worried me a bit. The High school had cameras and I knew that would be the end of me working naked. Much to my surprise, the job I am doing now is cleaning the swimming pool area and No Cameras!. So once again, I shed my clothes and do what I do best. The question still remains though, when did I know I was a nudist? Maybe it was about 2 years ago when I was laying out on a raft in my back yard swimming pool. My neighbor Cindy dropped by unannouced and she knocked on the pool privacy fence door and I told her to come in (forgetting I was nude). She came in and started talking like normal and then silence. Her face turned red and she quickley turned her head and applogized for intruding. I then realized I was still naked and asked her to excuse me and quickley grabbed my towel. I then told her that it was alright that I like being without clothes and that I hoped I didn't offend her. My neighbor has not been back since, and only waves as she drives by if I am outside.
Is this not a tragic world, that people look at nudity as a sexual thing? Nudity is how we were born. The body is a wonderful, complicated living machine, how then did nudity ever become so socially unacceptable? I love my wife, but she too does not share the same views on nudity as I do. So here I am, a married nudist man stuck in a clothes wearing world with a wife that thinks I'm close to being crazy for being nude at home all the time. Yes, I feel alone most of the time trying to be someone I am not. Here I am, a nudist only at heart or whenever I can, that is trapped in a stuffy clothes wearing socitey. I know I am a nudist, proud of it, comfortable in my skin and looking for friends to share with that love to be without clothes too.

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