Nature Calls To Me

1 Oct 2014 at 05:22
What is it that makes people blush or raise an eyebrow when I say I am a nudist? I fully understand today's society that most people are taught that nudity is wrong. When I get that eyebrow or hand covering the mouth I ask the question "what is wrong with nudity?" Are we not born naked, we don't take showers with our clothes on, intimate lovemaking is not done with clothes on, even Adam and Eve where naked. Being a nudist is not a sexual thing, for me its the times I enjoy the most, comfortable in my own skin not having extra clothes to wash and really enojoying nature as God intended us too. Yes I know, I do stir up some interesting converstions with people at times but the reality of it all is, we all get naked at some point. The thing I want to point out in this blog, is that nudity is part of each of us. We as nudist fully realize how much part of nature we are and are not ashamed of our bodies. We don't fluant it, instead we embrace it and fully enjoy nature as it should be.

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