About me

18 Nov 2017 at 16:53
Sorry to be a bit wordy…but I think my type of gal will prefer someone who can communicate.
I am indeed a naturist, hoping to find a like-minded lady here to both share the lifestyle, and also provide the woman’s touch I need.
Naturists are the nicest people there are. We have felt and embraced the unique freedom it instills, and now we can’t live without it.
Also, Naturism is not about sex. So many people assume it’s just a big orgy. That's not how the clear majority of us practice, nor my purpose at all.
It’s about making like-minded friends, and sharing this indescribable freedom that being one with nature adds to your life.
At naturist gatherings, sunshine and water are ‘nice-to-haves’, but it’s the friends that make it so special. So anything will do.
A woman’s touch, on the other hand, is about sex. But it’s not like that for me either. I don’t ‘have sex’, I always and only make passionate love.
You’d like my “Man’s touch” too. I’ve definitely got what it takes to please you, and a bevy of techniques that will never cease to delight.
Philosophically, I am a true gentleman, both in and out of bed. I always make sure about “Ladies first” (unless otherwise instructed).
Physically, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed in me at all.
Socially, I always carry myself well. My sense of humor runs the gamut, but is always dignified.
Personally, I’m quite warm and generous, especially to the lady whom I favor, and who favors me.
Most importantly, I am respectful, and deep down a nice, decent guy.
And then (last thing, I promise): I have done and continue to do a lot of traveling, and have a lot of perks. I would love to share them with just the right travel mate. Is it you?
If you’re still reading, thanks, and good luck on the site!
If you’d like to chat more, by all means please contact me!

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