Fake profiles

22 Dec 2017 at 19:53
There are a lot of fake profiles on this site. I reported on today in fact. Beware of anyone who doesn't post a profile picture and asks for your email address. Or states in their profile they are only a standard member.

The profile I reported was from "hornynudist". This person was so blatant it was incredible, I played the game to see how far it would go. The profile on here says she is form New York, in her email she says she is from Wyoming. She sent obvious fake photos. I'm a photographer so I can tell right away when an image has been stolen from a web site. One quick Google check of "Sarah Swatson" sent a huge alarm of this person with a variety of different photos and an origin of Africa.
You will be asked to Skype with them, in which you will be asked for credit card info etc.

Don't fall for this. I know better.

I'd be willing to bet that there are next to ZERO hookups on this site.

Save your time and find a legit dating site

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